African Quest

The African Quest

Tim Mills, one of St B's younger folk, is presently in Zambia as part of a mission team organised by The African Quest and ministering to local people.

We hope to use this page to bring you Tim's reports, newsletters and pictures as his work progresses.

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Meanwhile, here's a banner made by St B's banner group. The text reads 'God Loves You';  the banner now takes pride of place in a church which the AQ team helped to build last year. Below it is our AQ notice board.

The African Quest Experience

During the nine-month period in Africa, the team “experience the diversity of southern Africa, from mission stations, schools, orphanages and churches to game reserves, primeval bush and other spectacular scenery”.  It is all about growing, serving and learning.  The team goes out on expedition three times during the year and spend the rest of the time working in the community around Kaniki, attending lectures, studying, swimming, playing football, and completing at least one building project.

The first expedition is to Malawi and Mozambique where they visit and minister to the people in a number of remote villages.  They go to the bush churches with an amazing man, Pastor Rodgers, who oversees 490 churches altogether.

The second expedition is to South Africa, where a couple, David and Jean Padbury run their programme for a month.  David, an ex -S.A.S. major, takes the team through some rigorous activities, including climbing part of a mountain range and sleeping under rock ledges for a couple of nights. The idea is to stretch them and to encourage them ‘to stand strong together and support each other in everything’, and to make the team more effective in the outreach work that they do towards the end of their stay there.

The third expedition is around Zambia itself, although last year it did include a week in Congo where they visited Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps for hundreds of families who had fled their homes in war torn areas of the Congo.

Here are some of the amazing things God accomplished through  A.Q. last year

This year AQ is continuing to support these people and projects as well as starting new ones.  The main building project so far has been to provide new accommodation for female students at Kaniki Bible College.  This building is progressing well and hopefully will be completed before the team returns to England in June.

 The organisers of African Quest are already considering young people for the new team which will go out to Zambia in September this year.  To date there have been 5 applicants for the 12 possible places on the team, so more young people are needed.  Please pray for the right people, especially some young men, to come forward.

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