Communion service - 23rd July 2006


Theme: Ask, seek, and knock


Leader: Kevin                                                            Preacher:       Richard  Celebrant: Ray

Worship Leader:       David G                                  Easy Worship:

Creed and confession  and Lord’s Prayer to be chosen and placed by the service leader as appropriate in the service order


Pre-service Songs TBC


Welcome and opening prayer


Opening Worship:                             Song 1:  Alleluia sing to Jesus, His the sceptre, His the throne

                                                            Song 2:  I reach up high I touch the ground

                                                            Song 3:  Give thanks to the Lord, our God and king


Birthdays … then children and youth church and crèche



Bible Reading:          Luke 11:9-13


Sermon - Richard Starkie               


Time of response which can include:


Song – If I seek you (soff 3 – 1313 ) or 328 Lord have mercy – could be used to intersperse with prayers?

Other- responses as led by the spirit through the service leader


11.20/25 at the latest –


Communion liturgy (Celebrant to chose and liase with Easy worship operator )


Children return at 11.35am  


Song: Father God I wonder


Admin people and most musicians receive at this point


Admin songs:                                    Song 1: The Lords my shepherd (Townend version )                  

            Song 2:  I will love for the cross

            Song 3: Lord let your glory fall


Thanksgiving Prayer & Blessing




Final Worship:                                   Song: Tell out my soul


Blessing/Final Prayer


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